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AC200 Cattani Oil Free Compressor

No. of Surgeries:3 surgeries running simultaneously
No. of Cylinders:2 cylinder
No. of Dryers:1 dryer
Output power:1~ 50Hz 1.2kW - 7.7A
Produced air:160N l/min (pressure at 5 real bar)
Air Tank Volume:30 Litres
Noise level:71dB(A)
Dimensions:W620 D460 H720 (mm)
Net Weight:54kg
Gross Weight:68kg

Receivers are coated with BioCote® Silver Ion Technology which delivers highly effective protection against microbes such as bacteria and mould. Permanent
antimicrobial protection, Guaranteed.
Cattani compressors when correctly specified will deliver the minimum requirements of 50 litres/minute per chair (at 5bar pressure) when running simultaneously.